Friday, April 18, 2014

Bunny Boxes

We have lots of Easter prep underway in our home.  Easter is at our house with a brand new dining table (assuming all goes well and we can pick it up today).  So we needed Easter decorations.  Logan and Megan wanted to help so we came up with these Bunny Boxes made from the Milk Carton Die. They were easy and the kids did alot of the work! 
They choose a different color for everyone.  I assembled all the boxes and added the whiskers.  The whiskers were so simple small pieces of Linen Thread and a small heart.  Glue dot the thread on the back of the heart, then use another glue dot to stick the whole thing down.  The kids did the eyes, ears and tails.  Every box was labeled with every one's name.  Logan wrote the names on one side, Megan wrote the 'names' on the other side.
The eyes are the 3/4 and 1/2 Inch Circle Punches.  The ears are the Large Oval and the retired Small Oval.  We put a couple chocolate treats in each one.  Though I'm not sure how they'll get them out of there without messing up the bunny, maybe open from the bottom :)  They're so cute and I'm sure they'll be the hit of the party on Easter Sunday :)
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thinking Of Dahilas

This stamp set (Regarding Dahilas) and I have a love/hate relationship.  Sometimes I love the flower (as I do here) other times the flower and I just don't get along.  There's been many cards that 'didn't make it'.  Mostly I love it, especially on this card.  I used Melon Mambo Ink and Blender Pens to color in the flower.  I tried to make varying shades of Melon Mambo on the flower.  I do love the finished look :)
Are you using gold in your projects??  It's so super trendy right now.  I'm actually really liking it.  I didn't think I would like the gold but I've been turned!  Our Gold Sequin Trim in the Occasions Catalog is so fun.  I love that I can use it stitched together for a fun border under my greeting, or take them off and use only one at a time!  I've found Tombow is the best glue for the sequins.  I have one last Easter project tomorrow, and if you're coming to Easter dinner at my house (you know who you are), don't check my blog tomorrow :)
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Best Gift Card Holder

I've been making different versions of this specific gift card holder for years.  It's my go to gift card holder of choice.  I've shown it a couple times on my blog before here and here.  It's such a versatile gift card holder.  This one was made for Megan's teacher in her zoo class.  She took a class once a week for 12 weeks at the zoo/aquarium.  We learned about lots of animals, fish and plants.  It's a great program.  Logan did it for a couple years.  Megan did it in the fall now again in the Spring.  She'll be back for the fall session too.  If you're local and have toddlers it's such a fun class for them.  I used Coastal Cabana and yes you guessed it the Fresh Prints DSP stack.
Other times when I've made this gift card holder I've used velcro or magnets to hold it closed, this time I went with a tie close with some of our Candy Dots and Candy Dot Brad Bases.  The gift card is hidden inside.  This is a great gift for teachers, end of the school year is coming up quick!  It would make a beautiful gift card at a shower (baby or bridal).  It's the BEST gift card holder.  The design is from Heather Summers from one of her online classes years ago-probably pre Megan :) 
I've never shared the instructions.  Probably because it's not easy to describe, but I will try.  The complicated part is the folding.  I've tried to explain that as best I could.  Please let me know if you have questions.  I would recommend folding it and making sure it works before you add any glue.  I ALWAYS, even after making so many of them, I always fold it wrong and have to go back and refold it.  Just play with it and once you figure it out you'll be set forever :) 
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Framelit Box For Eggs

Of course I'm talking chocolate eggs.  Is there another kind ;)  You might remember this post I did a few weeks ago.  Well I had a few extra eggs from that package, 5 to be exact and I wanted to package them beautifully for gifts.  As much as I LOVE that window sheet box I wasn't going to make 5 more of them.  They're lovely but window sheets are hard to work with, plus I didn't have enough window sheets.  So I started thinking of other boxes......
Then I remembered one that I adored that Sam from Pootles did.  So I went back and found it.  I loved the idea but it was quite a bit larger than I needed.  So I did some math-yes kids you will use math when you grow up.  Here's a funny story, I hated geometry.  HATED it!!  All the shapes, dimensions, blah, blah, blah.  Now algebra I loved geometry not so much.  After I finished my year of geometry in high school I was done with it.  Even said to my friends-"That's it no more geometry for the rest of my life, I'll never have a job that I'll need to use it!"..........well here I am.......geometry every day......15 year old me sure didn't know very much.
Ok, back to the project!  How quickly I can get off track. Anyway the box that Sam completed is about 3x3 when completed.  I needed one that was about 1.5x2.  So I started there, I figured out how big the box inside needed to be, finished 1.5x2.  Once that was done I could figure out which framelits to use.  I used the oval ones mostly because it's Easter and they look like eggs :)  Because this box is a rectangle I had to used 2 different sizes of framelits, one size for the shorter end and one size for the longer end.  Isn't the little chocolate egg so cute in there!!!
Make sure you watch Sam's video for how to assemble.  I'll give my dimensions, assembly is exactly the same.  Here comes the geometry.  The cardstock for the box inside is 4x3.5 score at 1 inch on all 4 sides.  The ovals are from the Oval Framelits, I used the 2nd and 3rd smallest ovals.  The smaller ones for the short ends of the box and the larger for the larger end of the box.  I scored each oval at .5 inches on one side to glue to the bottom. 
This box is small and fits right in your hand.  Isn't is so sweet!!!  I'm going to have a hard time giving these up.  I love the DSP that I used too.  I know I've said it, but since I'm halfway through my 3rd package and will need to order more AGAIN, I thought I'd say it again-the Fresh Prints DSP is my FAVORITE!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!  The tag is done with the Eggstra Spectacular Set.  I used markers to color the image then I punched it out with the XL Oval.  I hope you love this box as much as I do! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hoppy Easter

Can you believe we're less than a week from Easter!!!  Time to make some Easter treats!  I saw these little Lindt chocolate bunnies in the store, they come in a 5 pack, they're tiny bunnies, the bunnies themselves are probably 1.5"x2".  They're not the GIANT chocolate rabbits that the Easter Bunny will bring this weekend.  But they're so cute!!!  The perfect size for a sweet treat.  I picked up a package and used my sideline Carmelita's idea that she demoed a couple months ago at our meeting, wrapping chocolate with the Tag Topper Punch.  My first one was cute, but you couldn't see the bunny, what's the point of the bunny????  So my second one I punched a hole with the 1 1/4" Circle Punch and added a window sheet.  Now you could see the bunny :)  I made 5 in the Wisteria Wonder, then gave away 3 (Logan's gifted teacher, Megan's zoo class teacher and a friend who works at the zoo).  Then Logan needed one for his general ed teacher, then Megan needed 3 for the teachers at her preschool, then Dan needed some for his co workers, well long story short (too late!) the bunnies multiplied!  This time in Pool Party and Pink Pirouette :)
I used a glue dot to hold the bunny in place in it's holder.  I used matching candy dots for the bunnies tails (I saw that somewhere, don't remember where, but it was toooooo cute!!!).  The tags are punched out with the XL oval.  I know you're dying to make you're own--they're sooooo easy!!!  All you need is the Tag Topper Punch (either one will do), ribbon to hold it closed and cardstock.  THAT'S IT!!  The cardstock measures 2x7 inches.  Score on the long side at 3 and 4 inches.  I told you it was EASY!!  Even with less than a week before Easter you could easily whip a bunch of these up in no time!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Finally Sharing Swaps

Our demonstrator meeting was last week.  I'm finally sharing the swaps from it.  I shared my swap here.  I still love that card :)  Our swap theme was "Out of Your Comfort Zone Technique".
Amber's card, she used the new photopolymer stamps for her card. 

Cassie's card.  She made the cutest little bird.  I was surprised that 2 people chose to do punch art as 'out of their comfort zone' :) 

Dana's card. She double embossed DSP.  FUN!

Carmelita's swap.  I thought that map was done in MDS but it's a photopolymer stamp. I like it!! 

Nichole did two swaps, here's her first she colored with markers. 

Here's her second card, the cutest bunny punch art!! 
It's been a long week, have a wonderful weekend I'll see you Monday!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bunnies Everywhere

Do you compulsivly save button containers like me???  I have a whole bag of's not a small bag......  So I've been trying to come up with ways to use them.  I saw these bunnies on facebook, somewhere, I'm sorry I don't remember who's page it was but I know I saw them somewhere.  At my classes I always try to give a little thank you gift for coming, they're taking time out of their busy schedule, plus it's fun for me :)
Since Easter is EEEEK 10 days away!!  I thought I'd do little bunnies.  They're filled with chocolate eggs :)  The bunnies are easy they're the largest circle punch 2 1/2" for the cover of the containers-it's the exact perfect size!!!!  The cheeks are the 1" circle, ears are the large oval, the nose, tonge and white's of the eyes are the 3/4" circle and the black of the eyes are the 1/2" circle. 
To get the stick into the container I punched a hole in the container with a crop a dial then used hot glue to hold a stick in.  I added Melon Mambo bows on the stick with a glue dot to finish.  I love them!!!  Careful when making these though, I only started with a couple and look how they multiplied...those darn bunnies!!  Sorry it's a bad joke I know but I have to entertain myself sometimes :) 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This Is How I Do It

I tried something a little different for my punch class this time.  First, people have asked how I do my classes.  I hold my classes at my church, my parents both work there, so I have a little bit of an advantage :)  Normally my classes are help in our church library.  I do 4 projects at my classes, there's 4 tables set up one project on each table.  When you finish one project, you move to another table until you've finished all your projects.  So here's one table set up. 
Normally for a punch class I put all the punches and cardstock on the table and let my customers do the punching.  This time though, I thought I'd prep it a little more and I think it went well.  I'll do it this way again.  Everything is pre-punched then all the pieces are separated on little paper plates.  The paper plates are labels with what piece it is and how many of that piece you need.  The rest of the supplies for that card are also on the table; ink, stamps, etc.  So that's pretty much how I do my classes.  They're not complicated.  It works well for me, but I have the advantage of a larger space to work with.  I know that space is often an issue and it would be for me if I didn't have my church. 
It seems to work well and I'm pleased with every class and I think (hope) my customers leave just as pleased.  Here's my little 'helper' working on her card.  Like I said on Moday, she got her own set of cards and was so excited to make them.  My mom helped, a little, sometimes alot.  Megan worked a little on every card. 
Here's her completed cards, first is her mirrow card.  Please don't look too closely at the stamp sets towering behind her.  I didn't realize it was taller than she is!  Those are the stamp sets I keep right next to my desk, they're the ones I'm currently working with or use all the time (Gorgeous Grunge) and need to stay close.  But it looks like it might be time to put a few away.......before it falls ......crushing small children or pets...... 
Her chicken card.  I wanted to take close up pictures of the cards but she said I couldn't have the cards to take pictures unless she was in the pictures....wish granted...
Of course now she's beginning to get bored with the whole picture taking's her crab card, he's got a fun crocked little smile. 
Finally her dog card.  She's completely given up looking at the camera now.  That's a three year old for you!!  I guess I better run and put some stamp sets away :)  At least you didn't see the rest of my desk :)  It's all controlled chaos don't worry. 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Dog and Crab Walk Into A Bar.....

I'll give someone a prize if they can finish that joke :)  I have the rest of the cards today to share from my class on Saturday.  I know I said I was also going to share Megan's cards and a little more about my class but I'm going to do that tomorrow.  I decided that the post today would be waaayyyy too long if I tried to cram it all into one post so I'm splitting it up.  Back to the dog.  As I was planning my class I knew I needed to add a dog. I've been doing a punch class once a year, for I don't even know how many years and every class has had a dog.  I had to do a dog.  We've done easy dogs and complicated dogs.  Dog punch art is always popular because people love dogs.  I think this post is going to the dogs.... 
As cute as this guy is, I found this card on pintrest that I created my guy from.  He's super cute!!  One tip that I'll give for him that you can use for ANY punch art card.  Because he's lots of different layers of one color (Crumb Cake in this case), you really need to sponge each layer to add the depth and dimension.  Without the sponging it's flat and you loose alot of the details.  Sponge your pieces, it will change your life...or at least your punch art :)
Finally the little crab.  He's cute!!  I've made other versions of crabs.  They're pretty simple, the hardest part on crabs is always the claws.  I saw this crab and I LOVED how she did the claws so I wanted to take a stab and another crab.
He/She (How do you know if a crab is a boy or girl?  These are the questions that keep me up at night) either one is so cute!!!  I love the little smile and the wonky eyes!!!  Tomorrow I have lots more to share, Megan's getting her own post, she's doesn't know but she's excited :)
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Class Highlights

My 'Punch It' Class was on Saturday, we had a great time.  I love, love, LOVE punch art!!  It's one of my favorite ways to craft and fortunately for me my customers also love it!!!  I have lots more to share about my class (tomorrow).  Truth is those pictures on still on my camera and it's late (good grief it's 8:00 on Sunday night--boy am I getting old!!) and after a full day of non stop activities I'm waaayyyy to tired to pull them up.  So I'll share those tomorrow with you.  In the meantime I have 2 cards from the class that we did. 
The first one I think is my favorite of the class.  It's so elegant, girly and pretty all in one.  I love our foil paper, especially the silver, from the moment I got it it reminded me of a mirror.  This card popped into my head not long after I got the paper.  It turned out just as I envisioned it (don't you love it when that happens!!!).  I just adore this card!  The mirror couldn't be easier, it's the Oval Framelits and the feet of the mirror are from the Dress Up Framelits.  Three pieces!  That's it!!!
The next card is a card inspired by this one.  While I love punch art, sometimes I need to look elsewhere for inspiration.  Thankfully it's everywhere!!  I put my own little twist on my chickens.  SO CUTE!!!
We used the Googlie Eyes (they were on the SU clearance rack---I think they've sold out though I can't find them {sad face}).  I wish SU still carried them, I love these little eyes!!!  They're so much fun to use!!!  This is such a sweet card though!!! 
One last picture, Megan attended the class with me.  She's come with me to others but she normally follows me around or insist that I carry her all the time, so this time I thought I distract her and give her a set a card for herself.  She had so much fun, and my mom was there to help her.  She loved the sponging-it's hard to tell in the picture but she's got her tongue sticking out while she sponges the edges of the cardstock (she plays with my sponges at home too).  Her finished cards are pretty cute!  I have pictures of them on my camera and I'll share them tomorrow too.  She's so sweet!!!   
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!