Tuesday, November 25, 2014

{heart} You

This card is CASED from Shelli Gardner, SU Cofounder and CEO.  I saw it on her blog here (it's the 4th card down), and LOVED it.  I really wanted to recreate my own.  I love it!!!  Instead of watercoloring my background like Shelli did I decided to stamp it using the Chalk Lines set.  I love the borders in this set and because it's a photopolymer set lining them all up is a breeze!  I went with Hello Honey and Blackberry Bliss for this card.  Out of all the In Colors, these are the two I love the most.  Especially the Blackberry, I think it's my favorite purple!!   
For the heart itself, I used my marker to ink up just the you, it's from the Another Thank You set.  After I stamped it I must have rubbed it because it got slightly smeared, not a huge deal.  If I did the card again though, I'd try to avoid touching it :)  I think it got smeared while I was adding the dotted/dashed border on the heart.  I think since all the letters got smeared a little it looks like I did on purpose, so I kept it.  It was my plan all along ;)  So to finish I added a little banner on one side of the heart and some linen thread on the banner and some loops behind the heart.  Such a cute card!! 
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Watercolored Chevron

I'm still sharing cards and projects that I made from the Winter Wonderland Craft weekend a few weeks ago.  I left the craft weekend feeling like I didn't accomplish much.  I really didn't think I made as many things as I did in previous weekends, and I didn't get an ounce of actual scrapbooking done :) So while it was a much needed weekend away I didn't feel like I did anything.  But looking back now, I see that I did DO things just not elaborate or super time consuming things like in previous ones.  But I think this was the best weekend, not in terms of productivity but in terms of relaxation, sleeping and 'recharging' it was the best.  It's hard being a mom to a stubborn, independent, strong willed 4 year old.  We both needed a break from each other.  Continuing on with the projects.  I really love this card.  There's really nothing fancy about it, but I think the colors are sooo fun though!!!  I used Hello Honey, Melon Mambo and Bermuda Bay.
I started with watercolor paper and spayed it with water so it was nice and wet.  Then I inked up my Chevron Background stamp just using my ink pads.  There was some overlapping, some ink got transferred from the stamp to a different color pad.  It's no big deal.  I just dabbed it with a paper towel and you'd never know that there was Bermuda Bay ink on the Hello Honey pad or the other way around.  While your watercolor paper is still wet stamp your background.  I just let my stamp sit on the paper for a few seconds.  The water is doing it's job and moving the ink around.  Carefully lift off your stamp and you'll end up with a beautiful watercolored background. I especially love where the colors blended together.  So pretty!  Set it aside to dry or use your heat tool to speed up the process.  This background came out so pretty that I didn't want to cover it up, so I stamped a greeting on velum and embossed it.  Finally to finish it I painted the entire background piece with the glitter brush pen I mentioned last week in this post.  The sparkle and the watercolor just make this card simple gorgeous!!!  Finally I attached the greeting with a staple and the card was done.  I thought about adding sequins or another accessory but really everything I added covered up the background, I thought it looked complete without anything else!  Hope you enjoy it too!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!   

Friday, November 21, 2014

Online Extravaganza Begins MONDAY!

I haven't had time to look through this list in detail but I'm pretty excited about the things that caught my eye!  Don't miss this Online Extravaganza, it starts Monday with some awesome doorbusters!!  You have until December 2 to stock up on these items while they're on sale.  Don't miss the doorbusters on December 1.  I'm really excited about the Blendabilities on sale!!!!  If you want to download the PDF to print and look through it you can click here for that. 

Shop here starting on Monday.

Clay Elsa

I really love our Simply Pressed Clay.  It's really a lot of fun to play with.  It's so easy to work with.  It's like play dough for grown ups :)  Without that yucky play dough smell.  I also love the way our clay dries.  Once it's dry it's not hard, it's light and airy and really just a lot of fun!!!  I'm trying to work with clay more and more.  I thought for practice I'd make a little Elsa for Megan.  I'll put a little eye hook in the top and add a chain to it for a necklace for Megan.
Our clay is white, you can dye it before you mold it.  If you do that I'd wear gloves, depending on the color you choose it could get messy!!!  For this one though I made it all in white then used my Blendabilities to color directly on the clay once it was dry.  It worked great!  I think next time I need to do a little practice with the skin tone and hair color (I think I should have reversed the colors) but it's still cute! 
These would also be really cute to make and then let kids paint them.  You could easily make disks out of the clay and add a string or ribbon for a Christmas ornament and let kids paint or color them (when they're dry).  There's endless possibilities for the clay.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

12 Weeks Til Christmas Countdown: Week 8

If you want to make a stack of really cute punch art cards this year, this is the card you should make :)  I had a completely different plan for the reindeers at craft weekend.  But when I was done building them, they were too big for my original idea so I went with something new.  All eight of Santa's reindeers and Rudolph.  This is a full set of cards.  A wonderful gift or just fun to make :) 
When people ask me about how I make multiples one of the same punch art, I tell them to do it 'assembly style'.  Meaning, do one step at a time, but do it to all of you pieces or cards.  I punch everything at one time, I sponge everything at one time, etc.  Often when I'm making lots of one thing, I'll have 'pieces' or 'parts' on Post It notes that label what everything is, for example 'reindeer heads' are all stacked on one post it note, on another labeled 'noses' will be all the noses.  That way when your sponging every piece, everything still stays separate.  Then when it's time to assemble you have everything labeled it's just about putting it together.  It really does go quickly this way. 
Here's Rudolph, he's the only one with the red nose (obviously).  All the cards are the same, I love the DSP on angles in the background, I think it really makes your eyes go straight to that super cute reindeer.  The sequins are such a fun addition too!!!
When I was trying to figure out how to make him, I searched 'reindeer punch art' on Pintrest.  I took different elements from different punch art reindeers to make my own.  He's really cute and really just made from circles and ovals.  There's a few other punches here and there, but for the most part he's circles and ovals.  I've listed all the punches below.  Have fun making him!!! 
The rest of the reindeers are all the same.  Rudolph has the Red Glimmer nose, the other 8 I used the Gold Glimmer Paper.  They're all so cute!!!  I used Crumb Cake and Chocolate Chip for the rest of them.  Here's the list of punches:  Head-1 3/4 Inch Circle, Body-2 Inch Circle, Antlers-Large Oval, Ears-Bird and Branch, Eyes-Large Oval and Word Window, Nose-Small Oval, Front Legs-Word Window, Back Feet-3/4 Inch Circle.   

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

City Box

In keeping with the city theme from yesterday, I have another city project :)  Our theme for the next craft weekend is Craft in the City (it's a play on Sex in the City--cute huh!!!).  This was the last project I did on Sunday afternoon.  It's super cute and really not that complicated, but with so many pieces and little bits, it took a while.  Start with your standard box card, and cut off 3 of the flaps. 
You can make the buildings and height or shape you want.  Michelle had a little rectangle punch that punched out all the windows, thankfully or I would have had to cut them with and xacto knife, eeeek!!!  I added some tabs on the inside of the box card and added more buildings.  I don't know what size mine are.  They're were pretty randomly done. 
The awning was the most challenging part of it, I think it was partly because I was trying to do it, after the box was fully assembled.  If I make another one, or if you want to make it. I would add the ribbon while the box is flat and not assembled.  You can always add it to the awning later, but I would get it in the building part of the box first.  I was pretty challenging to try to cut a slit to slide it in, tie it down inside all without crushing or destroying the rest of it.  The final additions are the door and fire hydrant.  It's a super cute project just pretty time consuming, but hey that's what the craft weekends are all about right!!?!?!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Embossed City

How pretty is this card!?!  I just love it!!!  I love the city scene and the water colored background (which was super easy to do!).  The city is from the Calling All Heros Set.  It's a photopolymer set that SU released a few months ago.  I borrow this set from my friend Kim.  I LOVE this city scene, but the rest of the set doesn't appeal to me.  But I'm grateful to Kim for letting me use this set to make this card-Thanks Kim!! 
To do the background I pulled out the colors I wanted to use I went with some Blackberry Bliss, Melon Mambo and a tiny bit of Tempting Turquoise (it doesn't pick up in the picture, it's there though).  Next time I'll use more of the turquoise, I love those 3 colors together!  Make sure you use watercolor paper for this, you'll add a lot of moisture to the paper and need a sturdy cardstock that can support it.  Get your cardstock wet, not drenched but pretty wet, I sprayed it a couple times with some water then used my aqua painter to spread it out.  Then you just pick up color on your aqua painter and gently touch your watercolor paper.  If you paper is wet enough the water will pick up the ink and it will magically just spread.  Add as much or as little color as you want.  To get a mirrored look I folded the bottom up the to the top of the cardstock and soaked up some of the color that way.  Wait until it completely dry then stamp your city, you can use your heat tool to speed up the drying.  I embossed the city in black, it's just gorgeous!!!!  I love it!!!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bloomin' Art

Aren't these just the cutest little art masterpieces!?!?!  I wish I could take credit for this uber adorable idea, but I CASED this idea from Martha, she's wayyyyyyyyy talented!  I love all her work!  I knew for weeks and weeks prior to the craft weekend that I wanted to make these.  I searched everywhere for the little canvas and easel.  EVERY-WHERE!  In Martha's blog post she said she got them at the dollar store, I hit 4 dollar stores and even had Dan hit one.  None.  I went to 3 'big box' craft stores.  I finally found them at the 3rd one, Joanns.  They were on sale too!  I got a ton of them!!!  They're 3x3 inches, and just adorable!!  Now that I was set with those for the weekend I was happy! 
Even though I took my entire stash of canvas and easels I only ended up making 2.  I want to make more though.  This was the first one I made with the Calypso Coral Blendabilities.  I went with this color because I had just gotten my Calypso Coral markers and hadn't used them much so I wanted to play with them and shading.  There's a lot of sparkle on this flower.  I had to use a non SU product to achieve all the sparkle.  I've been wanted this glitter pen for months, SU doesn't sell it (though I did email them and beg them to carry it!).  It's like an aqua painter but filled with glitter-----AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  It's called Wink of Stella Clear Brush Pen.  I nearly died when I first saw it!  They sell it on Amazon, but I really, really, really want SU to carry it--PLEASE STAMPIN' UP! HEAR MY CRY!!!!  I held off for months not buying it.  My loyalty to SU is really strong.  I even tried different ways to achieve the same look, Dazzling Diamonds and Crystal Effects (it worked but it covered more than enhancing), I tried making my own glitter brush pen (an aqua painter, rubbing alcohol and dazzling diamonds is not the same), I tried brushing our Smooch Spritz over projects (this worked the best for the desired look, however it wasn't translucent enough and covered up a lot of the stamping).  I was stuck and out of ideas, finally I broke down and bought it.  I'm totally in love with it.  If you've used it and love it, please send a quick email to SU or comment on this post and help me in my cause to bring this product to our catalog!
The second flower I made at the craft weekend was a Melon Mambo one for Michelle.  This one is gorgeous!!!!  I just love it, I love the color, I love the shading, I love the sparkle I just LOVE IT!!!  For each one flower I stamped the Blended Bloom set 3 times and colored different portions of it.  Then cut it out in layers and put it all together with...what else...dimensionals!!! 
It's the perfect little gift!  I really love it!!!  I want to do a Coastal Cabana one for my desk.....though I'm seriously running out of room on my desk :)  We'll make it fit :)  Rich Razzleberry would also be sooooo pretty!!!  If you make one, send me a picture I'd love to see it!    
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2014


There are plenty of times where I try something I've seen on Pintrest and it fails, big time!  These silhouettes were not one of those times.  I was so pleased with how they came out.   They were soooooo easy too!!!  I took profile pictures of Logan and Megan and printed them on some photo paper before I left for the weekend.  I picked up these wooded plaques at a big box store.  They're so affordable.  I already had the black and white acrylic paints so this project cost under $5.  I love that!!!  At the craft weekend I painted the plaques white.  The good thing about acrylic paint is that it dries pretty fast!  While the white was drying I cut out the profile pictures.  Logan's was really easy to cut out.  Megan's wasn't hard either, I was worried I'd be stuck cutting out every curl and strand of hair but it wasn't that way at all both went very quickly.  Once the pictures were cute out I covered them in a couple layers of black acrylic paint, make sure to let them dry fully between each coat.  Finally I used some tombow to stick it down on the plaque and then covered them with some Mod Podge.  That's it!!!  They're ready to hang and I just love them!!!!  More projects fromt he craft weekend to come, check back all next week!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

12 Weeks Til Christmas Countdown: Week 7

These weeks are flying by!  Today's fun Christmas project is one that you can easily make for anyone on your shopping list.  I helped Michelle make these mugs for her Winter Wonderland Craft Weekend.  We did it in one afternoon and made 25 of them!  I love them, but I love all things that sparkle!!  Michelle added the sweet straws (from a past Paper Pumpkin kit by the way!). 
They were made in the same way that I made these wine glasses for our meeting last week.  Don't you just love them!!!!!  We got the mugs from IKEA, a BIG thanks to Lori, and Jennifer and her husband John for picking up all 25!  But you can use any much you have around your house.
We masked off the top with some painters tape, you could also use Washi Tape. Then we put a nice layer of Mod Podge over the bottom.  Covered in glitter.  Dry and repeat, Mod Podge and glitter.  We used Dazzling Diamonds for these.  Make sure to remove your tape before the first layer of Mod Podge dries.  You don't want to stick that to your much :)   
They're so pretty aren't they!!!!?!?!  I do love them!!  Wouldn't they make a great gift filled with some candy and maybe a Starbucks gift card?  I think that would be a wonderful gift!! Or fill with some nice pens or markers? 
So here's what started this whole mug project.  I made this one months ago, and texted a picture to Michelle.  She loved it and we went with the glitter mug plan.  She wanted them to match her color scheme for the weekend though so we went with Dazzling Diamonds glitter instead of the gold. 
Some tips: I LOVE both mugs, I think the gold one was a little easier and quicker.  I only did one layer of glitter.  The gold glitter is bigger than the super fine Dazzling Diamonds so it covered better with only one application.  The Dazzling Diamonds we felt needed 2 layers.  Make sure you do at least one top coats of Mod Podge once your glitter layer is dry, that will ensure that it stays put.  I did 2 layers.  You can wash them, but gently and hand wash only.
Remember to join me next week for week 8. If you've missed the past weeks click the links below.
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